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Please Do Not Move

Temperance Hall, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Part dance, part play, part eco-horror. Please Do Not Move un-hierarchises the body in relation to its environment by blurring the lines between inside and outside, place and body.


Caught in the linguistic nightmare of intellectualism the body attempts to define an *escape plan through sequences of fiction and narrative.


Please Do Not Move navigates live, self-generating choreographic systems that learn and dispel themselves, destabilizing the ground and making it harder to conquer the mountain.

Choreography: Rachael Wisby

Set Design: Henry Pyne & Victoria Punturere

**embroidery assistance from Lucinda Connelley and Emily Huynh

Performance: Rachael Wisby & Nasim Patel


Photography: Pat Casten
Videography: Celine Dore

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