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m: +61 451 182 852                       e:                        

multimedia artist and designer
                  moving image | vfx | 3D | graphic design 

Henry Lai-Pyne is a Naarm/Melbourne based new-media artist working across moving image, live multi-media performance, game design, and broadcasting. His work centres symbiotic relationships between the human and screen-focused technology and media. Henry’s creative practice often involves ‘kitbashing’, the merging of mixed-medium processes and found matter to create new narrative, symbology, and world-building.


In 2023, Henry completed an Activators Residency at Chunky Move with experimental street-dance collaborators Jahra Wasasala and Ooshcon, within that context TADRA and other visions, a mixed-media dance performance, was developed and presented as part of Frame Biennale 2023. This project led to Henry, Jahra, and Ooshcon’s awarded 2023 CultureLab residency at Arts House (Naarm / Melbourne) and Basement Theatre (Aotearoa / New Zealand). Henry is currently in residency at Centre for Projection Art, where his works are being presented at Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Federation Square, and Seventh Gallery. 

Henry’s individual and collaborative work has been featured at SOFT CENTRE (Eora/Sydney), ACMI, Arts House, AsiaTOPA, Melbourne International Film Festival, AIDLAB Hong Kong, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, Berlin Art Film Festival, and Montreal Independent Film Festival.



[2020-2021] MetaObjects (Hong Kong) 
Contracted 3D Designer

- Rachel Monosov: Complete 3D Modeling for 3D Printing
- Lu Yang: DOKU motion capture animation clean up in Blender and UNITY
- FashionAsia - Design Society: 3D Modeling for virtually interactive rooms
- Gordon Cheung Studio for Chin Chin: 3D design in Blender for AR application

[2020-2022] Exhibitionist (Naarm/Melb, AUS) 
Contracted 3D Designer

- AUSCO Carriageworks: 3D Environment modeling for virtually interactive rooms
- Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 - Fringe Furniture Exhibition: 3D Environment modeling and asset optimisation for virtually interactive rooms
- AUSCO International Curators PHOTO 2021 
- Atong Atem: 3D Environment modeling and animation for virtually interactive exhibition

[2022] Liquid Architecture (Naarm/Melb, AUS) 
Contracted Artist / Graphic Designer

- Ritual Community Music: Visual Identity, Artwork, and Motion graphics

[2021-2022] INJURY (Eora/Syd, AUS) 
Contracted 3D Artist

- 2022 AUSFW - Sydney Fashion Week: Rare Reality Fashion Film
- 2021 AAFW - Sydney Fashion Week: Real Parent Digital Fashion Film
   - 3D Environment and animation design
   - Film post production

[2022] SOFT CENTRE (Eora/Syd, AUS) 
Contracted Artist / Graphic Designer 
- Visual identity and graphic design for promotional content
- Motion graphics and animation

[2021-2022] MISCELLANIA (Naarm/Melb, AUS) 
In-house Graphic/Motion-Graphics/Marketing Designer 

- Visual identity and graphic design for promotional content
- Avatar design and animation for branding
- Motion graphics and animation     

[2021] Chloe De Brito (Eora/Syd, AUS)
Contracted 3D Animator and VFX Artist

- Pink Reef (Short Film)

- Melbourne International Film Festival 2022

[2022] KALOUGATA (mixed media animation film & live dance/movement performance)

Commissioned by Tempo Festival 2022, Aotearoa/NZ

- Exhibited at Tempo Festival, Aotearoa/NZ

- Exhibited at Physics Room, Aotearoa/NZ

- In collaboration with:

Jahra Wasasala - Dance/Movement

Ooshcon - Dance/Movement

Harrison Hall - Technician

Spewer - Sound/Music

[2022] 6 Across, 6 Down (2-channel video install)

Commissioned by SOFT CENTRE

- Installed and exhibited at SOFT CENTRE UNFURL 2022, Closing Concert V, The Calyx, Sydney Botanical Gardens 

[2022] Jebaited (mixed media virtual live-stream and artist interviews)
Commissioned by Arts House for BLEED ONLINE 2022

- Performed and streamed live on BLEED ONLINE 

- In collaboration with:

Mat Spisbah - Producer

Emile Zile - Performer

Liam Wolfe - Technical Assistant

Cloudy Ku - Music

[2022] SKINS (live audio-visual performance) 
Commissioned by ASIATopa and Exhibitionist Digital

- Performed at ACMI, Naarm/Melb

[2022] EXTREME SYMBOLS (Animation film and sound composition)

Commissioned by SOFT CENTRE

- Presented at SOFT CENTRE pres. ARC at the Ritz Cinema, Eora/Syd

[2022] Sam Rolfes (DJ FUCK) x Eek (live AV DJ Set)
Commissioned by SOFT CENTRE

[2022] Eek x Limerence pres. Boar Master (live A/V and dance performance)

- Performed at MISCELLANIA

[2021] ULTRAVIRUS pres. Dr33mphaz3r (Featured Artist)
Commissioned by ULTRAVIRUS

- 3D modeling, and animation, optimised for virtually interactive spaces


[2020] Bridget Mary Chappell
Commissioned by the City of Melbourne and Knowledge Week 2020

Undertow - Freshwater Falls: Animation Film 

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